Barra Burgers

Whenever I spear a barramundi the first thing that comes to mind are these barra burgers. Sure burgers are a bit naff but they are still delicious. Toasted brioche bun, panko crumbed slab of wild saltwater barramundi, alfalfa sprouts, cheddar, avocado, kewpie mayonnaise and a squeeze of lime – bussin! A pair of 13.5kg barramundi @timothy3mcdonald and I speared late last year. His was 108cm and mine 105cm but within a few grams of each other. Stunning on the plate and thrilling to hunt.

Daniel Mann – UK

Daniel shares adventures of diving and spearfishing from around the world with the aim to inspire others to sustainably source their own seafood. Through the power of social media and the creation of amazing content, Daniel teaches everything from hunting techniques to gear tips and cooking. He shares his wins and failures in an honest and genuine manner and aspires to educate and entertain everyone who comes across his work.

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