Spicy Smoked Fish Spaghetti

You will need:

  • Smoked Fish (I used Kingfish)
  • Spaghetti (I used wholemeal)
  • Asparagus
  • Spinach & Kale
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Broccoli (finely diced)
  • A Lemon
  • Chilli Flakes
  • Garlic (sliced)
  • Salt & Pepper

Get your spaghetti cooking. In a hot pan add some coconut oil and throw in the asparagus, broccoli, garlic, and chilli flakes. Cook until soft then when your spaghetti is almost done, add in the cherry tomatoes. Once the pasta is ready, add it to your pan with the smoked fish, spinach, kale, and squeezed lemon juice. Season with S+P. Take it off the heat and mix it all together until the spinach and kale wilts. If I’d remembered to get some I would have added parsley too.

I got the Kingfish I shot last week smoked by Mike at Matakana Smokehouse – he did an epic job. While I love smoking fish myself, I just don’t have the cool space or equipment to properly look after a bigger fish. Mike’s smokehouse is a family-run business and you’ll get your catch back professionally smoked (using organic coconut sugar and sea salt), portioned, and vac-packed – ready to go!

Mike Matakana Smokehouse Ingredients
Spicy Smoked Fish Spaghetti Dish

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