Smokai Smoked Olive Oil

Did you know you can smoke olive oil? It’s amazing. It’s fast and simple to cold smoke, and its uses are endless.

Along with making a memorable addition to your next entertaining platter, it will go great on almost anything you fry, bbq or bake – especially some fresh sourdough.

Simply take a quality olive oil, and pour it onto a suitable plate for wide and even coverage. Fire up your Smokai Smoke Generator (no heat from the bbq required – leave it off). Then, all you need to do is place your plate of oil in the bbq and smoke to your desired flavour level. We find 30-45 seconds more than enough, but have a piece of bread ready to experiment and test it every 15 seconds or so.

Use your hooded bbq, smoker, smokehouse, or smoke chamber.

It’s really that simple! Enjoy.