Fallow Backsteak with Lemon Butter Sauce

First I coated the fillet in Rum & Que Blackout rub + S&P and let it sit out of the fridge for almost an hour.

I got my Webber Q up to max heat and seared it for 2mins on each side. I then wrapped it in tin-foil and let it rest for 5mins.

While the meat was resting I got a hot pan and added a chunk of butter, and some diced garlic, when that started to brown I added a good squeeze of lemon juice and threw in a handful of parsley.

I served the meat with the sauce over it, and some asparagus that I also BBQ’d.

Venison Back Steak
Fallow Back Steak
Rare Venison Steak
Venison Steak BBQ

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