Sumac BBQ Crayfish

A twist on the traditional butter, garlic and parsley combo.

Sumac is a purple tangy spice with a lemon/citrus flavour, which grows throughout the Middle-East and the Mediterranean. I’ve used it a lot in cooking meat and thought it would pair well with seafood.

Making the dish is simple. Split your crayfish down the middle and remove the poop tube. In a bowl, mix up melted butter, chopped garlic, a tsp of sumac, and some chopped parley.

Coat the crayfish meat with your mixture and give it a good seasoning with salt and pepper.

Chuck them on a HOT bbq, flesh side down for 2mins, then flip onto the shell side. Give the meat another coating of your butter/sumac mixture and continue to cook until the flesh just turns opaque and you can pull it off the shell. This took another 3mins on my bbq with the hood down.

Pro tip, cook a some lemon halves on the bbq as well, and squeeze over the crayfish before serving

Crayfish BBQ Recipe
BBQ Crayfish New Zealand
Crayfish Recipe New Zealand
Sumac BBQ Crayfish

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