‘Staying On Track’ by Helen Waterworth, FENZ Firefighter

My name is Helen Waterworth and I’m a 33-year-old Firefighter with a relentless hunger for adventure and making the most of all that life has on offer.

My favorite past times are active relaxing, exploring, testing my mental and physical boundaries, chasing views, and bagging peaks! I take whatever opportunities I can to get out and get uncomfortable and I love meeting those that appreciate the same and inspiring the ones that don’t.

Given the nature of my career, and my passions I have had to grow mentally, as I did physically. I’ve learned that we are often products of our environment, and it’s the same for everyone, no matter your job or favorite pastimes.

I thrive on the struggle, I have left my comfort zone far behind to find and break my limits. Over time I have learned tips and tricks to stay on track and continue moving forward, in anything I do. These tools are now deeply engrained processes that I use to navigate life. They bring out the best in me, which in my job means I can be my best for those I am called upon to help.

Here are some quick-fire processes that have become an automatic way of life for me. They keep me focused, moving forward and positive when the suffering I choose to chase, becomes overwhelming.

My morning routine starts with coffee and a 3-10 minute motivational video of my choosing on YouTube. I also use a gratitude app to note a couple of things I am grateful for. This sets a positive tone for the day. The Five Minute Journal app is worth checking out, though there are many other ones out there.

Looking ahead, I set long term goals, lots of them. Daily, weekly, and for the year! Examples of these goals often include sports events, a great walk, travel and fitness, career, family, and friendships. I set dates to stay accountable and check in on my progress often.

During the struggle of a race grind, expedition, training, or low moment, when the going gets tough, I like to ask myself three questions:

  • What’s my why?
  • Am I focusing on the opportunity here or the obligation?
  • What are the thoughts I’m giving space to when my effort is low? (*Eric Thomas words of wisdom)

Please remember, everyone is on their own journey, carve and trust your path then ensure your make daily choices that drive you towards your goals.

My last piece of advice is BE YOUR OWN BEST MATE. Mental health especially is a direct reflection of your standards. Prioritize sleep, nutrition, and hydration. You can tackle anything when you are feeling healthy inside and out.

Lead by example and stay humble!


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