Smoked Fish and Blue Cheese Pizza

Rum and Maple Smoked Kingfish / Smoked Fish, Leek and Blue Cheese Pizza.

To smoke the fish:

  • Liberally salt fish then give it a coating of maple syrup
  • Seal in a container in the fridge for a day or two
  • Wipe excess moisture off fish
  • Let air dry until tacky (about three hours)
  • Paint on a layer of spiced rum (have a shot yourself)
  • I smoked this lot in a Weber Q for around 20mins and I’m really happy with it.

To make the pizza:

  • Mix together cream cheese, dill and a little amount of lemon juice
  • Add to the base as a sauce (I wanted to make a base but the supermarket had no flour. I brought some sprouted seed ones as it’s all they had)
  • Top cream cheese base sauce with smoked fish
  • Add crumbled blue cheese
  • Add finely sliced leek
  • Add chopped spinach
  • Add mozzarella
  • Add lemon zest
  • I cooked this in a very hot bbq for around 18mins
  • Finish with some rocket and S+P

The smoked fish turned out awesome in the Weber, I used the Q2200 and the smoking kit. It took a while to get it smoking but when it did it WENT, in fact, I had a little fire. The fish was really moist and flavourful. Thanks for all the tips on using the Maple Syrup – I don’t think I’d go back to using sugar now. I’d like to try a lower heat for a longer time next round.

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  • Haden Bloodworth
    07/11/2020 at 5:30 pm

    Making smoked fish pizza tonight. Thanks Mit here


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