Shiraz Cowboy Lamb chops

Home kill lamb shoulder chops
1/4 bottle of Shiraz
Fresh crushed garlic
Brown onion
A good amount of Sea salt & cracked pepper
Sprig of Fresh rosemary
6 stuffed olives chopped
Olive oil
Water to cover chops

Put it all together in a lidded roasting dish and cook on top of the fireplace for an hour or until meat is falling off the bone. Serve covered in all its juices on some mashed taters.

Kia Ora, Alicia here from Echo Valley, owner and sole operator of a small tannery and store located in Mangamahu/Whanganui. I am a Mother of two beautifully feral children, hunting is a massive part of our life, and eating what I kill over fire is a passion.

You will find me in nature making delicious memories in my downtime – Soul Food.

This recipe was carefully curated by smashing a small selection of favorites together in a roasting dish and lovingly throwing it on the fireplace to slow cook. Serve over mashed potatoes with a good full ladle of juices.

Buon appetito – enjoy your meal.