Scallop Ramen Catch and Cook Video

Here is my Scallop Ramen Catch and Cook. I’ve always been a fan of Japanese food. I usually make a chicken ramen but scallop ramen is on another level. Below is a video on how I make it. Essentially the broth is made from a scallop stock using the skirts and trimmings, add some light soy, dark soy, Chinese five-spice, ginger, garlic, chilii flakes, and a dash of sesame oil.

Scallop Ramen

Daniel Mann – UK

Daniel shares adventures of diving and spearfishing from around the world with the aim to inspire others to sustainably source their own seafood. Through the power of social media and the creation of amazing content, Daniel teaches everything from hunting techniques to gear tips and cooking. He shares his wins and failures in an honest and genuine manner and aspires to educate and entertain everyone who comes across his work.

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Scallop Ramen by Daniel Mann

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