Rum and Maple Smoked Kingfish

I’ve been trying different methods for smoking and this would have to be the most cured, and flavourful piece I’ve done.

This time around, I made a paste of salt, soy, and maple syrup. I then vac packed the fish and paste and let it cure in the fridge for 48 hours. It came out really cured, more so than usual. I then let it sit for about 3 hours, gave it another brushing of maple syrup and spiced rum, then let it sit another hour until it was dry and tacky. I smoked it in the weber for about 25mins at around 150-180c – this seems to be the lowest it will still produce smoke.

The final result is VERY flavourful. Much more than usual. It’s actually a bit salty for my liking but it will be good in a recipe I’m planning to use it for. I’d probably leave out the soy next time and use more maple.

Rum and Maple Smoked Kingfish

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