Pulled Venison

One of our favorite ways to have venison, it seems to be a no-fail recipe for us. This was made using our last cut of a sika yearling hind from earlier this year. It didn’t need to be slow-cooked but was delicious regardless.

This recipe is great for the slightly tougher cuts of meat.

Dan Tong Pulled Venison
Pulled Venison
Rosie Tong Pulled Venison Ingredients
Rosie Tong Pulled Venison Method
Pulled Venison
Pulled Venison Recipe

A note from Rosie…

“I hail from a family of hunters, after meeting my family Dan was pretty quickly hooked for life on the outdoors lifestyle. We have been in the hills exploring and keeping the freezer full together for over a decade now.

We love hunting and the adventure that comes with it, the community of likeminded people and lifestyle that pushes us to be better, more skilled, healthier, happier people. But the biggest magnet to hunting for us is that it gives us the ability to provide food for ourselves and our family.”

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Pulled Venison by Dan & Rosie

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