I’ve learned that life begins outside your comfort zone

Over the years I have undoubtedly built a safe and predictable life for myself. It is easy, it is comfortable and it ensures I pass the time in a healthy manner. Now, the aforementioned ‘passing of time’ is not enough, in fact, it’s far from anything even close to being acceptable.

I have learned and now believe that that one’s comfort zone shouldn’t be the default setting on which life is lived. Our comfort zone should be the baseline, which we strive to exceed personally and professionally, every day. Feeling positively uncomfortable should be the norm and the resulting strength and growth should be constantly recognized and celebrated.

When was the last time you experienced a feeling of loss of control, fear, or uncertainty? When was the last time you held those feelings close, and did whatever you were going to do anyway?

I now see my comfort zone as the places, faces, actions, and emotions that protect me from fear and pain. To break free from that is an astonishing feeling, to know it is always there to come back to is comforting. When you suddenly realise you are spending more and more time away from this limiting cognitive belief system you will understand what it is to truly grow, in strength and in character.

For the longest time, I considered life a winding road which required planning and analysing, to ensure a safe path through, whilst dodging any possible negativities along the way. While I will always sway to the planning and overthinking, I now see life as an opportunity to pursue my passions and dreams. I say yes more, I do things that terrify me, some are big, some are tiny, and some go unseen. I started small, and have worked up to facing some of the things I thought I’d never successfully overcome. In doing so I have not only found pride but new passions, ambition, and direction.

Stay open to the idea of feeling lost, make memories that involve personal evolution as opposed to resounding comfort. Surround yourself with those who will push yet support you and be there to celebrate the wins and share the losses.

As you move outside your comfort zone, the unknown will become typical and the frightening will become your next adventure.