Easy Scallop Spaghetti

A recipe inspired by Daniel Mann and stories of his travels and the dishes he discovered and loved.

These went from ocean to plate in under 24hours. It was great to get back in the (cold) water yesterday with Haden and Blair. A successful trip to a local scallop spot and some fish in the fridge thanks to Blair who knocked over passing Kingfish.

I think raw is a great way to eat scallops but this is definitely a new favourite.

Simply, chuck a pot of salty water on to boil and get your spaghetti cooking. About 10mins to al dente, according to the packet.

Get a pan hot and about 5mins into the pasta cooking get started on the rest – it goes quick.

In the hot pan add a big glug of oil, 5-10 cloves of garlic cut into big chunks (I used 5 as it was just for me), and some dried chilli flakes. Fry until the garlic starts to get some colour.

When the garlic starts to colour throw in scallops cut into big chunks, I used 6, and I also added 3 quartered yellow tomatoes because I had them and they needed using.

Cook this all on high or couple of minutes until you see colour on the scallops – don’t overdo it. Then throw in your spaghetti, a little bit of the pasta water, a handful of parsley, and salt/pepper. Toss it all together and enjoy!

Scallop Spaghetti Recipe
Garlic and Chilli - Scallop Spaghetti
Scallop Spaghetti Easy Recipe
Easy Scallop Spaghetti

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