Easy Fish Stock

I finally managed to get a spear in a half-decent snapper yesterday. It came in at 3.4kg, so not a monster, but after a few years of trying it’s substantially bigger than the few others I’ve shot. I found this guy sitting down a ledge in a very shallow spot I was browsing for crayfish.

In an effort to start using more of my fish I decided it was time to start making stocks.

For this one, I used the snapper head and frame, a koheru head, two onions, two lemons, a leek, three stalks of celery with the leaves, half a bunch of parsley, the bay leaves, a teaspoon of black peppercorns, and about 2l of water.

I put everything in a big pot and put it on to boil for 40mins (not an aggressive boil). After 12min I took the snapper head out and took the jaw and all the edible meat out (so good) then put the rest back in the pot.

When the 40mins was up I strained it through two layers of chux cloth. The result is awesome! I added a little salt (I hadn’t put any in as I wasn’t sure how salty it would be) then let it cool and divided it into 500ml containers for freezing.

Fish Stock
Easy Fish Stock
Snapper fish stock
Fish Stock Ingredients
Fish Stock Snapper and Koheru

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