Boarfish, Bacon and Halloumi Burgers

I was lucky enough to come across some Boarfish on a dive last week so I decided to use some of it and whip up some burgers.

To make these I fried up my bacon and halloumi and set it aside. I then dusted my pieces of Boarfish in a combo of coconut flour and Wild Fennel Co. seasoning and fried them in butter with a squeeze of lemon.

To assemble the burgers I toasted brioche buns on my bbq and smothered the base with Pepper & Me Tartare sauce. I then added some rocket, the Boarfish, the halloumi, the bacon and finally some red onion which I’d pickled in apple cider vinegar.

I paired it with some home made Kumara fries and washed it down with a Citizen Pilsner. A great Sunday summer lunch!

Boarfish, Bacon and Halloumi Burger
Boarfish, Bacon and Halloumi Burgers

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